Extra Stuff (Videos, etc.)

“Rise up and Sing” from Petrified

Songwriter Leonard Moors debuts the anthem from Petrified with choir backup
at a Bay Area church’s spring concert on May 4th, 2014.

“Love Is Everlasting” from Lucy’s View

Composer Leonard Moors sings the final song from Lucy’s View, sung by the character Mr. Emerson. Musical Director Kristen Rosenfeld accompanies on piano during the 2009 table read workshop.

“Will You Dance with Me?” from Emma

The 2007 Concert Cast of Emma sings and dances in this enchanting number in Act II. Leonard Moors conducts with Timothy Hanson on piano. Choreographed by director Joey Bell.

Songs from an undeveloped musical...

The following demos are the first three songs of a proposed musical we were interested in writing based on a well-known children’s book. We weren’t able to obtain the rights, but wanted to share another side of us by posting them on our site. They are all sung by composer Leonard Moors.

A Bad Beginning

Get Busy

To Home We Sing