A musical satire about the times we live in…

Book and Lyrics by Joel Adlen
Music and Additional Lyrics by Leonard Moors

Fran and Ray are trying to keep their family together. Their home is on the brink of foreclosure, Ray's employment prospects are nil, and their adult daughter, Katie, a barista and canvasser with a master’s degree, is in financial straights. Desperate to pay the mortgage, Ray liquidates his portfolio. Instead of using the money to help, he splurges it all. As Ray heads toward a breakdown, Fran desperately try to find a way to pull him through as Katie tries to overcome her own 20-something obstacles. It will take perseverance and a “helluva” lot of love for this family to rise above the challenges of the new century’s Great Recession.

Some Songs from Petrified

These are just a few of the songs from the show. To hear them all, and for more information about the show, go to PetrifiedMusical.com.

Signs of the Great Recession

Credit Hell

The Assembly Line

A Better, Brighter World

Take One Step

Rise Up and Sing

Graphic by Seth Foley Studios