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the View

A musical based on E.M. Forster’s novel “A Room With a View”

Book by Joel Adlen
Music by Leonard Moors
Lyrics by Joel Adlen and Leonard Moors

In world where how you behave, what clothes you must wear, or who you must marry is considered the norm, independent thinking is viewed as dangerous, if not catastrophic, especially for a woman.  So when you're different – and Lucy is different – the path to happiness is tricky one.  Faced with the trappings of a conventional husband, Lucy decides to put her engagement on hold and travel abroad seeking one last adventure.  But an encounter with another unconventional equal changes everything and soon Lucy must choose between the security and safety of one life, versus the uncertainty and unpredictability of another.

Music Samples from Lucy’s View

This song “Why?” is sung by Lucy in the first act when she is finally alone for the first time. This is an abridged version of the song. It has since been rewritten slightly and re-titled “Dare to Fly”.

Why? (sung by the composer)

Graphic by Seth Foley Studios